Up Energy Development Group Limited is a professional and international energy investment group based in Xinjiang of China and it has become one of the largest integrated energy groups with circulative economy business model in the northwestern China. Up Energy principally engaged in mining of coking coal, production and sales of raw coking coal, clean coking coal, coking and chemical products.

Up Energy currently has three mines close to Fukang city in Wuchang region of northern Xinjiang of China, namely the Xiaohuangshan Mine, the Shizhuanggou Mine and the Quanshuigou Mine, with a total area of approximately 16 sq. km and planned total production of 4.50 million tonnes per annum in 2013.

The technical report by John T. Boyd Company mentioned that according to JORC standard, resources and potential resources of the three new mines are approximately 440 million tonnes at the end of 2010, and recoverable and marketable reserves are about 120 million tonnes. The three mines are also expected to contain diverse types of coal, including gas coal, 1/3 coking coal, fat coal and lean coal. The coking products of Up Energy are mainly used to produce Grade II metallurgical coke where coke is an important raw materials for producing steel and coal chemicals(PVC).

Up Energy strives to be a leading specialized and integrated group in the coking industry of the northwestern China region.

Coal-Exploration, Mining, Washing, Coking---- Increased Value In Circulation
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