Corporate Social Responsibilities

Up Energy believes that the undertaking of responsibility to the stakeholders and society is of vital importance to the long term development of a company. Apart from generating satisfactory returns for its shareholders, Up Energy also values its corporate social responsibility, which is shown in five different aspects:

(1) Environmental Protection

Up Energy strictly follows respective laws and regulations of the Central and local governments and compiles environmental impact assessment reports. Up Energy also implements environmental protection plan to minimize impacts of the business on the ecological environment, with an aim to reserve a better environment for our future generations.

Up Energy have plans to reserve the environment of its mines, which include sprinkling water on the road regularly, constructing temporary stockpile storage and other coals and rocks processing facilities to control dust emission, applying temporary covers to control dust emission of coal trucks, using dust-free materials for pavement construction, and replanting vegetation destroyed by dust. In addition, the water processing plant of Shizhuanggou Mine helps reduce pollution of water in the area through processing and recycling of waste water produced by Quanshuigou Mine and Shizhuanggou Mine. Up Energy will also install ventilation with noise controlling system on the surface ground to minimize noise pollution.

Theses environmental protection facilities and plans of Up Energy are aim to alleviate impacts on local environment caused by the mine construction and mining operations.。

(2) Circulative Business

Up Energy sticks to its philosophy of “increased value in circulation” and actively develops downstream industry chain projects. By utilizing associated resources, Up Energy aims to build a circulative business chain with coal exploring, mining, washing, coking and chemicals as its core.

Through the development of circulative business, Up Energy will witness business growth with enhanced economic efficiency, thus providing more job opportunities to the area of its business and promoting local social and economic development.

(3) Safety Management

Up Energy considers safety a crucial issue to operation and therefore invests resources and adopts advanced mining technique and facilities to compile with related mining safety laws in China. Up Energy endeavors to provide healthy and safe working environment and sets up a department to formulate management system for healthy and safety production, supervise safety operations of coal business and strengthen pre-control of risk, so as to put safety management and supervision in the top priority of its daily operation.

Up Energy plans to apply integrated mechanical mining method to minimize mining accidents and create a safety working environment for its employees during production. Moreover, Up Energy has set up a specified fire control system in each of its mines and joined hands with the most advanced research institutions in China to design and construct gas drainage and safety control systems with an aim to minimize risk of gas explosion and improve safety of working condition in the mines.

(4) Occupational Protection

The PRC Government formulated important regulations regarding occupational safety for mine operation. Up Energy values the importance of occupational safety and plans to carry out a series of measures to strictly compile with the relevant regulations.

Up Energy strives to maintain a high safety standard for its production facilities. When the tunnel construction and surface mining commences, Up Energy plans to use gas drainage system in the mines to extract coal seam gas to conform to the gas level benchmark of the national coal mining regulations. Up Energy will enhance the operation safety in the mines using advanced shaft drilling equipment which are equipped with protection system for over winding, over weighting, rope breaking, power-off and power surge. These facilities help reduce risk of gas explosion and enhance safety level of the mines.

Up Energy plans to offer monthly training courses for its employees regularly, with an aim to enhance their awareness and knowledge in safety operation. Currently, Up Energy provides its existing staff with various medical benefits in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and will continue to offer the same benefits for all of its employees in the future.

(5) Charity

Up Energy committed to cultivate a caring corporate culture and allocates resources in supporting and actively participating in social charitable activities in the district where its business is located. Up Energy cares for the needy people and shows concern towards different classes and groups in the community. Up Energy will mobilize its manpower to realize its commitment in social responsibility.